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Magic returns to the world of man


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Unbeknownst to all, an ancient force has awakened. The elves have found their Titan. The very paragon of their race. He had crafted the first Elves in the times of old. The magic they once had, is beginning to return. The Elves will no longer need to bow to the Human’s Engineering marvels and steel.
Human long knew they would never be able to use magic. Their titan had been sealed away for his great misdeed, but they were a people who looked forward. A large empire-wide guild of engineers, tinkers and scientists because of this humans had long been the most powerful race. As magic begins a new, that will not last.


grow your party to

Build a Royal House

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Rebuild a fallen house, choose the strongest warriors in the land

The Axe of the West

A retired hero of the Elven wars, experienced and wise

The Titan-Bound

A young nobleman with a forsaken and destroyed house, desperately seeking to save his kingdom

Arrow of the Lake

A stronghearted Noble with the eye of an Eagle and a will of an Ox

The Sorcerer of Gems

A run away heiress with two powerful opposing elements, seeking adventure and her lost mother

The Dragon Paladin

An Commoner clad in fireproof steel with an unquenchable thirst for dragon hunting

Current Version: TS Beta 0.4.1 Steam Integration

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