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Old Salt – Content Update 0.4.0 (AI Player and Android Support)

Patch Notes – Version 0.4.0:

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New Features

  • Cross-Platform Play
  • Android version publicly available!
  • AI/Computer Player added to Matches


  • Better touch detection
  • Gameplay hints can be toggled in options
  • New Match Connect UI
  • More battle logged info
  • Island Claim UI improved
  • Return fire is calculated better and can detect line of sight
  • Grappling Hook updated to new rules


  • Fixed memory leak during networked matches
  • Fixed Barbarian ship Transcending during last stand (that was fun…)
  • Cursed Coin crashing on mobile
  • Hit Distance not matching from stern
  • Hit Distance not modified correctly from storm
  • Last Stand UI did not appear during networked match
  • Pierced target window did not correctly display hit distance
  • Ranged Expertise not limited by gold and not correctly appearing for marksman ships