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Old Salt – Content Update 0.3.3 (AI version 1)

Calling all Fleet Captains! I need help to test the new AI intent system. 

This system is a precursor to a fully functioning AI player. The current AI can only set up it’s game board and will need you to play for it, for now. 

To help:

1. Start a game (Version 0.3.3) with an AI player 

2. Play as the local and computer or play hot seat with someone else. 

3. After you sail or attack the intent of the ship is calculated, click on the ship to display the mini status screen seen below. 

4. When ever the intent is incorrect please press the “~” key and submit feedback on your real intent for that game piece. 

5. This feedback is important for us as we begin to create the single player campaigns and want to create an engaging change to match our exciting stories! 

6. Test keys are available, please contact me.

Patch Notes – Version 0.3.3:

New Features

  • AI Intent and AI blackboard added
  • Random Faction option added
  • AI game setup controller added


  • Islands now have animated Faction Flags
  • Ships are orientated in a Docked position on placement
  • Detonate is now animated
  • Ships now highlight and grow larger when focused in the unit display
  • Multiple faction games now have different base colors
  • Ships are labeled, Not finalized
  • Ship animated Flags are now unique


  • Transcended ships can no longer claim islands
  • Transcended ships not appearing on unit select fixed
  • Islands claiming not showing up fixed
  • Peer to Peer load in camera bug fixed
  • Memory leak on cannon fire fixed
  • Dice window alignment fixed
  • Auto end turn detection fixed
  • Unlimited Sailing bug fixed
  • Load error with Peer to Peer and AI player fixed
  • Audio loop bug fixed
  • Mouse stuck in pan map mode fixed
  • Mitigate on full health disabled

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