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Content Update 0.4.2

Forgotten Shore and the Dauntless Few

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A Great Dungeon, so big, It has a story arc of it’s own!

Uncover the mystery of Bastion and the Forgotten Shore Deeps with the dungeon diving guild the Dauntless! Find Artemisia and help her start a dungeon diving guild. Earn rare passives and build a Guild Hall by exploring dungeons. Forgotten Shore Deeps is a massive dungeon. Each floor is unique with story, puzzles, themed enemies and unique bosses. Floors 1 – 10 are now available, with many more planned.
Additional Systems based on D&D have been added to increase customization and the ability to create more dynamic quest options and outcomes.
See all the details below!


The Dauntless Guild has been added along with the playable character Artemisia, The Dragon Paladin!

Two large system updates include some inspiration by D&D. Check out the articles below:

New Content:

  • New Talent System
  • New Alignment System
  • New Character Artemisia
  • New Guild Dauntless
  • Two New Dungeons (Forgotten Shores Floor 1 to 10 and Gloom’s Domain)
  • New Quests (Unflinching & Field Promotion)
  • New Enemy Type (Goblins)
  • New Bestiary System
  • New Artwork (Characters, Mapping and Enemies)
  • New Main Character Sprites
  • New Area (Goldencrest)
  • New Items (Brace, Ring of Protection)
  • Character Background added


  • After battles, Player is immune from on-map enemies/battles for 5 seconds
  • Void claw damage increased
  • Mimic weakened
  • Quartermaster weakened
  • Durability tutorial added

Bug Fixes:

  • Large frame rate improvement to combat
  • Updated Chau Stabilizer
  • Name limit increased to 9
  • Reduced lag from message core and character busts
  • Fixed dual wield death break
  • Cleaned up fire rock scene
  • Fixed clicking issue with class select
  • Fixed malus fruit and firefly spawn
  • New jump SE
  • Soldier Spawn issue fixed
  • Cave Enemy escape fixed

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