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Titan Saga’s take on the D&D Alignment system


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The major goal of Titan Saga is to create a story that the players can actually impact. In the previous D&D focus sneak peak, we discussed the Skill system that adds chance and proficiency into a player ability to succeed in an action. In Titan Saga, this helps balance rewards and allows players to play the game differently throughout and have different outcomes. By adding realistic constraints (in a fantasy setting), We are able to develop many more options while still making the game fun and dynamic. The Alignment System builds onto this idea by adding consistency to the storytelling. This keeps player from jumping from lawful to chaotic just to maximize rewards. This could be done but the alignment system would measure this a keep the player in a neutral alignment. Your alignment will directly impact how characters talk to you and what types of quests are available to you. This is meant to promotion role-playing within the game. By picking a roguish character you with have longer and deep conversations with the same type of NPCs and different quests will be available.

In Titan Saga, the Alignment system will have a large role in who your character becomes and the types of people, quests and opportunities your town get to grow. As Act 2 opens open to 3 large cities, many different types of group and character are available to fit your characters personality.


Please note all images are from an alpha state. UI and Graphical improvements will be made and gameplay is subject to some change.

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