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Content Update 0.4.1

Steam Integration and Chapter 1 extended

Steam Page can be found here: Titan Saga: Chains of Kronos

Broken Shores update has been moved back. This update focused on two things: Polishing chapter 1 and Battle core systems

Chapter 1 has been polished with a large amount of bug fixes and a story extension by adding one main story quest.

Battle System has seen a lot of balancing in this update with a deep change in the equipment and dual equip core.

The next update will focus on the player town, dungeoneer guild and broken shores. This is meant to add more depth to Chapter 1 and give the player more options.

More art is being added each update!

New Content:

-New Achievement system

-New system – Dual wield

-New system – Parry/Block

-New system – one/two hand switch weapons

-New system –  Equipment Set Bonus

-New system – Achievements

-New system – class specific guards

-New system – Skill mastery

-New void tileset artwork

-Enabled text skipping

-New Tooltip for States

-New background music


Ability to skip Prologue cut scenes

-Many skills and item stats changed

-Autosave added to world map


-Steam work integration

-Steam Cloud saves

-Steam Achievement integration

-Controller Support

-Diagonal Movement added

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed jumping of map bug

-Corrected equipment scene push

-fixes battle camera zoom bug

-Multiple quest fixes

-Plugin overwrite bug fixed