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Content Update 0.4.0

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Production Resumes!

Production resumes again! I had quite a few wonderful life events. I got married to my best friend and I got a new job. I am planning to schedule a minimum of 10 hours of development a week. I will be closing access to dev builds and intend to release an early access at the end of the testing phases which will include chapter 1 and 2. A few content creators on Twitch will have access to test builds and I am always looking for testers.

Titan Saga UI is being altered slighting for a mobile variant release as well. Most of this change is overall UI improvements.

Quite a lot of updates since the last build. The Prologue has been reworked to include more tutorial quests, the alignment system and additional outcomes. The game begins to become a lot more open and dynamic in Chapter one specifically once the player reaches the city, Lithmere. The Quest development time has become much longer as quests have multiple endings and long chains. Some quests, players will never see based on their actions and many quest effect the player’s surrounds.


New Content:

-Prologue reworked additional quests, dialogue and tutorials

-Side Quest (Cold Nights, Warm Coats) added

-Skill Descriptions Updated

-Enemy Traits Added

-Added Gal-Shima Boss fight

-Town (Soal River) added

-City Quest (Keeper of Light) added

-New Volmin enemy skills

-Micro quest (Lost Key) added

New Art and UI:

More Tile Art added

-New Main Character face art, now with expressions!

-New Text boxes

-Reworked Class selection screen

-fog/black outline added to enemy cutscenes


-Battle Tutorial Updated

-Added respawn location for Lithmere Manor

-Map Hazards mechanic performance improved

-Crippling Strike mana cost increased 0 to 5

-All tier one weapons has 1 upgrade slot change from 0 to 1

-Ranged attacks deal more damage to flying enemies

-Strix Evasion reduced 10% to 7%


-Skill equips removed

-Stat Allocation System has changed

Map hazards added (Thorns)

-Autosave added, Game will save when entering cities and dungeons and before some key points in the story

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed issues with quests when player dies

-Map/event camera stuttering has been resolved

-Stances are now toggle-able

-Map entry error fixed

-Sharping bones and other non-use items have been corrected

-Sewer event end fixed

-Skill descriptions updated to include weapon requirements

-Save file defaulting to slot 12 fixed

-Transfer events require player to face the correct way

-Item rename spacing issue fixed

-camera move fix on forest map

-Clucky animations have been cleaned up

-Chest image color fixed

-Counter attack icon fixed

-Quartermaster animation fixed


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